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Create what you want to create

I’ve been on a fly on the proverbial wall of seemingly a million discussions about whether video is better than audio, whether YouTube podcasts are even podcasts and the like.

My hot take, if you will, is that you should create whatever you want to create. Video is awesome. Audio podcasts are awesome. They all have the opportunity to build awareness, spread a message, educate and entertain.

The Constant is You

But while I’ve been in a lot of these conversations I’m really struck by this feeling that really the important thing is not the format, it is the message itself. It is something more primal than the technology. It’s really about you developing your ideas and expertise and working on ways to express these.

The truth is so much of the content we create is very ephemeral. It is here today, gone tomorrow. But the constant is you.

Sure you’re creating a podcast or a video or a blog post. Perhaps you’re building a content library of evergreen content. Again, all of this is amazing and wonderful. But you’re also developing yourself. You’re refining your message. You’re establishing your own values. You are articulating your own ideas. You’re helping people. You’re building your own confidence.

But even this is a serious undertaking. It won’t always be easy and it won’t always be fun. Sometimes you will pour your heart and soul into something and get no feedback whatsoever.

And when you’re starting, you won’t have an audience. And in those moments the things you tell yourself will ultimately determine whether you’re able to stick around long enough to build any kind of traction.

Personally, every time I go live, or record, or post, I tell myself I am building a presentation muscle.

Every time I speak, I get better at speaking. Every time I write, my writing improves. Sometimes there’s no substitute for practice.

Let’s build our presentation muscles together

Hi, I’m John Lacey, and in Build A Presentation Muscle, I want to talk about:

  • finding your voice
  • refining and sharing your message
  • using tools and technology to share that message, and
  • looking after yourself as a creator

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an audio podcast so I hope you’ll bear with me as I find my footing and as we unpack some of these ideas together.

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