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Creating a content library for content creators
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Creating something once and posting it is one thing. But creating something and adding it to your content library is another entirely.

Work smarter not harder.

Guiding principles

  1. If something is worth saying at all, it’s worth saying more than once.
  2. There are certain things that you will want to be known for.
  3. Social media algorithms are fickle, people aren’t seeing everything you post.
  4. But even when they do, humans need reminders. They won’t internalise things the first time you say them. There’s a reason you need to have more than one lesson. There’s a reason why they play ads more than one time.

Content creation requires effort and skill. Posting daily may lead to creator burnout. Having a library of content, an album of “Greatest Hits”, can help you stay top of mind in your audience without having to recreate the wheel every time. 

Perennial versus timely content

  • Breaking news content may have a limited shelf life, you may get a small spike, but there are lots of news channels that you are competing with
  • Perennial content can be shared more freely and more often

I recently listened to a podcast from 2016 from Tanya Smith (Snack Size Marketing) from and I was really struck by a few things:

  • She’s always been an amazing communicator
  • While some statistics and some of the social media services she mentions in that episode are old or discontinued, the general concepts still resonate today, some 7 days later.

If you don’t want to choose between timely and perennial, can you do both?

  • Record a short video with the newsworthy item as a the hook
  • Record a second short video talking in more general terms for future re-release

Organise your content

As you build content it’s really important to have ways of organising that content in ways that make it easy for you to find again.

Consider folder structures, file naming conventions, spreadsheets etc.

Content opportunities by format

Text content

  • Text posts and updates
  • Twitter threads
  • LinkedIn articles, Medium articles
  • Blog Articles
  • Carousels and document posts
  • YouTube Community posts

Image content

  • Images
  • Thumbnails
  • YouTube Community

Video content

  • Horizontal, vertical, square
  • Livestream highlights as short form video
  • Camtasia’s Library features and how John uses them:
    • Take shorter segments from long content (using markers)
    • Save them to the content library
    • Create smaller videos out of them
    • Repurpose them
    • Reuse branding elements
  • Resurface an older video with YouTube Community features, or link to from a social media post

Remix and Repurpose

Think about the themes and variations that exist within your content.

  • Take a different segment from a larger piece of content
  • Take a different angle or perspective
  • Change the format
  • Compilations
  • Outtakes
  • Collaborations