Creator Mindset

Metacognition, setting expectations and avoiding FOMO as a content creator

I tend to cringe when I hear the word “mindset.”

But the truth is metacognition —thinking about thinking— is important for us as human beings as content creators.

In some ways it is not the feedback we receive about our content creation that will help us to keep going or pivot, but rather the stories we tell ourselves about the feedback we receive.

Most of us won’t have an audience when we start. We won’t have instant gratification or viral success. So it is important to articulate the ‘why’ ahead of time. The driving purpose that will keep you going on days when things don’t go well and you don’t feel about it.

FOMO: Opportunities and opportunity cost

Opportunities are everywhere. And this is both wonderful and overwhelming.

My manager at my day job has this habit of telling us we’re wonderful and we can achieve anything. This is meant so kindly and supportively, and yet each time I feel compelled to push back on this idea.

We can achieve a lot of things, I’m sure, but we need to consider the constraints and realities that exist around us.

  • We have a finite amount of time
  • We have a finite amount of energy
  • We have a finite amount of money
  • We might have other constraints imposed on us by other people, teams, technical constraints

These limits might seem depressing at first glance, but they’re also very empowering —they force us to get clarity and focus.