Sam Proof: Just start streaming

But honestly, just go; Just start streaming
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Starting something new can be daunting.

You can listen to all the advice in the world, but the truth is there’s no substitute for experience.

So start. Start before you’re ready. Get your feet wet. Just go.

Sam Proof is a streaming veteran, first starting in 2005. Along with his wife Amanda, he started Cute Avalanche, the virtual cat café, which helps foster kittens through Kitten Rescue. They’ve rescued over 134 kittens to date. And they leverage the power of streaming (through Twitch) to build community, donations and support around this very worthy cause.

“All you have to do is add a source, find video capture. Boom, you got your camera on,” Sam explains.

“Same thing. Add a source, add your audio input and you’re good to start.”

“And then figure out what it is you wanna do with your stream.”

“But honestly, just go. Just like start streaming as soon as you can, and you’ll figure out where the blanks are that you want to fill in.”