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Build a presentation muscle

Hi, I’m John Lacey and this is Build A Presentation Muscle.

I want to talk you about that title —Build A Presentation Muscle— because some people have told me that it’s kind of confusing. They don’t know what it means. And some people have even recommended that I change it.

They go on to tell me to change the name and niche down and target a specific audience. Build something for podcasters, build something for YouTubers. And I get it. These are groups of people who identify in a particular way and that identity runs deep. Podcasters think podcasts are the best thing in the world. YouTubers think YouTube is the place to be. These are both great things.

Your message transcends any one medium or format

But part of the reason this podcast exists is that I see so many people silo themselves away in one format or one destination. I want you to share your expertise with whoever is ready to hear it. I want you to be able to express yourself well. And I want you to understand that your message and your voice transcend any one medium or format.

I want you to be ready to take opportunities when they arise. I don’t want you to get hung up on whether you’re talking into a microphone, or looking into a camera, or writing some text.

It doesn’t actually matter what you know and what you can share, unless you’re able to communicate it. There are no special prizes for being the world’s best kept secret.

And communication is its own discrete skill. We have no doubt all see academics that are experts in their field but who are unable to translate that information to people outside of that field.

What do you want to develop?

The things you might like to develop will likely vary depending on who you are, and what your goals are. Whether it’s the fear or the gear, not being able to streamline your key talking points or something else, I want to talk about it.

And I want to you hear from you. Whether you want to showcase what is working well, or talk about what you’re struggling with, I’d like to turn this podcast into a conversation. You can head over to to send me a voicemail via SpeakPipe or find the social media links to reach out to me.

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